Lana Valley

Lana Valley, also called “the little Russia” is presumably one of the least known valleys in Navarre. It has a surface of 53 sq.m. and is made up of five villages, namely Biloria, Ulibarri, Narkue, Gastiain and Galbarra, with a population of around 200 people.

This Valley is home to the last living and active charcoal-makers (wood colliers) in Navarre, a craftmanship on the verge of disappearance. This is superbly reflected in the film Tasio by the navarran director Montxo Armendariz.

The landscape displays a variety of hues depending on the season of the year. The area boasts the second largest live oak forest in the province, along with splendid beech, oak forests and shrubwood. Trekking and mountain-biking are two sport activities that most visitors can take up, regardless their age. The house manager will be very pleased to inform guests about suitable routes. Mushroom gatherers will discover a paradise with the wide range of species that can be found here.

In this rural area nature shows itself at its best so, apart from farm animals like sheep, cows and mare grazing in the meadows, one can also see wild animals like boar, deer, foxes, eagles and vulture ….

From a historic point of view, the Kings of Navarre bestowed the dwellers of the Valley with the privilege of gentry, a distinction that can still be traced in the stone-carved coat-of-arms of some houses in the area. Rural churches and ermitages are also worth a visit.

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